Up to 30 expats turn out to escort elderly llamas to their new Alpujarras home

The llamas are enjoying their new home

LAST UPDATED: 30 Apr, 2016 @ 00:25

Photo by Alexander Sanchez
Photo by Alexander Sanchez

ALMOST 30 expats turned out to help escort two elderly llamas to a new mountain home.

Rosanna, 21 (84 in llama years) and daughter Benna, 18 (72) tramped 15km up hill and down dale in a five-hour journey to Tijola, in the Alpujarras.

“We really didn’t know whether they were going to make it,” joked new owner Bernard Byrne, 59, who runs the Orgiva tea garden with his wife Kay.

“But they did well and are enjoying it here.”

Photo by Charissa Buhler for lizziewynn.co.uk
Photo by Charissa Buhler for lizziewynn.co.uk

Previous owner Lizzie Wynn, who adopted Rosanna in Wales in 1995 when the llama was just three months old, is moving back to the UK.


LLama walk
Photo by Charissa Buhler for lizziewynn.co.uk


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