Strength of British pound surges following new Brexit poll

The Remain campaign now leads by 13 points

LAST UPDATED: 25 May, 2016 @ 17:59

Pound euroTHE value of the British pound sterling has soared following the results of a new Brexit poll on Tuesday.

The pound now stands at 1.32 euros after an ORB Telegraph poll showed the remain campaign ahead by 13 points at 55%.

In a knock for the Leave campaign, only 42% were in support of Brexit.

Tancrede de Pola from mortgage company The Finance Bureau told the Olive Press: “This is good and welcome news for us, clearly the message is getting across.

“We are now expecting a very good July.”

The news will reduce the already fleeting fears of a Brexit in the markets.

Mark Ricard of FX specialist, Smart Currency Exchange told the Olive Press: “The pound regained momentum this morning due to a surge in the Remain campaign.

“It’s good news for expats and good news for people wanting to visit or buy in Spain.”

The British public will vote in the EU referendum June 23.






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    • Its not rocket science, do you understand how markets work, the pound is bound to strengthen on this news as it weakened when the EU referendum was announced, for some while after! Good for house buyers in the EU but bad for sellers though, some win some lose, currency traders will do well as will UK shareholders if the stock market rises!

  1. Because Mike knows you hav’nt got a clue about the money markets.
    First they bought put options on the £/€ – then they sold them when they had made a good profit. At the same time they closed their put positions they bought calls and will make another profit.

    • With that kind of financial acumen Stuart, you must be an eccentric billionaire.
      Eccentric anyway. Those rogue apostrophes need attention.

  2. You’ve got them rattled stefanjo! Interesting that first Nigel Farage, and now John Redwood are talking about their response once the Brexit side lose the referendum. They both seem to blame certain elements in the Tory Party.

  3. stefanjo,
    when I don’t know about something I ask questions, you just engage in insults, says a lot about your insecurity – now, got any facts about Brexit, not regurgitated b/s?