Former Marbella mayor probed over allegedly manipulating town planning rules to benefit property-developing husband

A new boundary with Benhavis was annulled by the Junta

LAST UPDATED: 28 Sep, 2016 @ 13:05

MARBELLA: Angeles Munoz
MARBELLA: Angeles Munoz

THE former mayor of Marbella is being investigated over falsifying documents.

EX-PP mayor Angeles Munoz is being probed over claims she manipulating town planning rules in a shady deal over the town’s border with Benahavis.

A new boundary – which would have allowed for more construction, allegedly in-part on land owned by her Swedish developer husband Lars Broberg – was later annulled by the Junta.

A citizens’ platform claims the PGOU town planning document that went to the town hall for approval in 2009 was vastly different to the one that was sent out for public consultation.

Indeed a report sent to Marbella public prosecutor Julio Martinez Carazo showed there were 22 differences between the two documents.

Munoz said she has ‘no doubt’ that the approval process was carried out lawfully.


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  1. And these are the sort of people the right-wing “Barons” of the PSOE wish their party to go into coalition with. Snouts and troughs spring to mind. Sanchez is a nuisance, regarding stubborness over a Catalan referendum, but at least he is holding out against Rajoy assuming power again.