British expat pens 50-year memoir about living abroad

Jan Constable recounts her experiences while in the Persian Gulf

LAST UPDATED: 13 Nov, 2016 @ 21:44

the-adventures-of-a-girl-wearing-pearlsAN expat author has penned a memoir recounting 50 years of travels around the world.

In her book The Adventures of a Girl Wearing Pearls, Brit Jan Constable, 77, recalls half a decade of travels, starting as a 27-year-old newlywed who had just relocated to Dubai.

Now based in Alhaurin el Grande, Constable recounts her experiences while in the Persian Gulf, varying between terrifying and amusing.

Taken from her online blog Tiptoeing into the Bloody Abroad, Constable has proven successful with more than two million site views.

“My experiences seem to strike a chord with people from all over the world who have had similar lifestyles,” Constable told the Olive Press.

“In those distant days hardly a soul on God’s earth had heard of Dubai.

“It was and still is a small desert kingdom ruled by a sheikh, lapped by the Persian Gulf and is hideously hot during the summer.

“On reflection, how dull my life might have been if I hadn’t gone all those years ago.”

The Adventures of a Girl Wearing Pearls is available from or on Amazon.


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