Missing Amy Fitzpatrick’s ill mother to travel to Spain to ‘kick-off’ fresh investigation

Audrey Mahon is currently bedridden with a liver disease

LAST UPDATED: 15 Dec, 2016 @ 17:29

MISSING: Amy Fitzpatrick
MISSING: Amy Fitzpatrick

THE mother of missing expat teen Amy Fitzpatrick is aiming to be well enough to kick-off a fresh investigation into her daughter’s disappearance in June.

Audrey Mahon said she is planning to return to Spain in June to ‘kick off’ a new investigation into Amy’s disappearance, some nine years after Amy went missing on January 1 2008.  

Currently bedridden with a liver disease, Audrey – whose husband Dave Mahon is currently in jail after killing her son Dean Fitzpatrick in a Dublin street fight – recently revealed that the fate of her children has forced her into a life of drinking.

“Not so long ago I was just drinking, and sleeping, and drinking and not eating until eventually I ended up in hospital,” she said.

“I just didn’t care any more. I always had a drink, we all had a drink. It did get worse after Amy went missing and it got twice as bad after Dean.”

Audrey Fitzpatrick
Audrey Fitzpatrick

In May,Mahon was found guilty of killing Dean, the older brother of missing teenager Amy, on May 26, 2013.

Last month, Amy’s father Christopher Fitzpatrick said he hoped to Irish and Spanish police would look into ‘new leads’ surrounding the case.


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  1. Looking at the background of this “lovely” family, with a history of violent step father who murdered her brother in broad daylight and a mother who clearly suffers from bad judgement, has it ever occurred to these people that she might not want to be found. Im sure she is better off living on her own away from these people.