uk-ranked-3rdTHE UK has been voted the third best country in the world while Spain has fallen three places. 

The annual survey by US News & World Report, Y&R’s BAV Consulting and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania places the UK at the coveted third spot under Canada and Switzerland.

The UK has remained in the same position as last year, despite the political drama of Brexit.

However Spain has fallen to number 19 in the survey, which includes nine subcategories including Cultural Influence and Power.

The UK obtained its highest score in the Entrepreneurship category – number four out of all 80 countries in the rankings, whereas for quality of life, it came 12th, let down by its affordability.

Spain won second place after Italy in the Heritage category thanks to its cultural attractions, food and rich history.

Last place went to Latvia, which was ranked for the first time on this list.

The survey spoke to more than 21,000 people across 36 countries in the weeks following the US presidential election.

The US dropped three places to 7th following Donald Trump’s victory.



    • Dear Pablo you certainly need help and certainly do get confused over what you read and not quite sure where you got this 1.6 millions of Brit people living in Spain. Perhaps you are confusing that small Argentinian mentality of the total amount of expats regarding various nationalities that may live in Spain. For a start you have always insisted that all expats are “illegal immigrates” which is incorrect and yet in the same breath asking people to take advice of the “illegal immigrates” as to why they are living in Spain. What you should be asking, not from these “illegals” in Spain but the 3 million or so of EU “illegal immigrates” working, residing and making a living in the UK as to why they are living in the UK and the answer you will get would be “BECAUSE IT’S THE THIRD BEST COUNTRY TO LIVE IN”. You see Pablo Britain has got over the Falklands, which to them is another chapter in the great history of British war accomplishments, but must admit I do enjoy your corned beef now and then and Argentinian beef steak.
      P.S. A note from Martin Schulz:- “Britain is one of the G7 country’s, is the second (largest) economy in the single market of the EU, it has a veto power on the Security Council of the United Nations, and leaving the European Union will without doubt weaken the EU”. Da.

  1. These british immigrants say they chose Spain just because of the weather.
    Then, they should have chosen Manjimup, Adelaida, San Diego or el Caribe, according to their poor criterium.
    Fact is they are a burden for the Sistema de Salud and for the taxpayer in general, so nobody wants them, not even in their country of origin.
    Now, thanks to Brexit they have to return to the tiny little island with the worst weather, worst food, worst wine and ugliest women on Earth.
    And they say Brexit is a bad thing…lol

  2. Worthless survey…. worthless reporting. I’m pretty much over the whole “I’m better than you” crap. The US and the UK are both disasters. I wouldn’t want to be in either of them. I just left the US and I could have gone anywhere in the world. The UK didn’t even make my list. But that’s the point… from the US World and News Report’s own article regarding this matter… “Furthermore, the perceptions that people have about a nation’s brand are not necessarily objective assessments of reality. Rather, they are subjective assessments that may be based on limited or inaccurate information.” Ok great, thanks for reporting something that you know isn’t based in reality. LOL People need to wake up.

  3. This reactionary has hacked my ‘chas’ identity and is posting under my name. Dan, this is not me.
    OP would you please straighten this out. I have sent emails to Jon, Webmaster etc. I would like this fixed. One can tell by the writing style who is likely responsible for this.