Malaga described as HIV ‘hot zone’

Between 50 and 100 new cases of HIV are diagnosed in the province each year

LAST UPDATED: 12 May, 2017 @ 15:37

HIV cell
HIV virus

THE province of Malaga has been described as a ‘hot zone’ for HIV with around 5000 patients infected with the disease.
Javier de la Torre, an expert in infectious diseases made the claim after putting together information for those suffering from the illness.
Each year between 50 and 100 new cases of HIV are diagnosed in the province.
President of AIDS group Gesida, Dr. Juan Gonzalez, explained early diagnosis was key to preventing the disease spreading.
He said: “It is important to focus on HIV prevention and early diagnosis, because the vaccine or curative treatments will come in the long term.”
There are currently around 160,00 people afflicted by the disease in Spain.


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