Local cops to patrol dustbins in plain clothing to catch out garbage rule breakers

LAST UPDATED: 6 Jun, 2017 @ 15:52

dustbin-copsPLAINCLOTHES police officers are taking on Benalmadena’s rubbish problem in a new clean up campaign. 

They are to monitor street bins to catch people who deposit their waste outside the designated hours in a bid to spruce up the Cost del Sol city’s image.

Culprits could be fined €300 on the spot for throwing their rubbish outside the hours of 8-11pm.

However, fines for other offences such as dumping furniture or garden waste could land, at the minimum, a hefty €1,000 fine.

Those unsure of the rules are advised on the council’s website that two bags of garden waste can be put in the bins within the permitted hours, and furniture can be left next to containers on specific days.




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