Police officer claims under-fire politician Alvaro Gijon sacked him over journalist ‘threat’

Former inspector claims Gijon had 'absolute control' over his force

LAST UPDATED: 11 Aug, 2017 @ 14:20

UNDER-FIRE Mallorca politician Alvaro Gijon sacked a top police officer who was inspecting a journalist investigating Gijon, a Palma court has heard.

Gijon is being investigated over corruption and drug charges linked to Mallorca nightclub owner Tolo Cursach.

SACKED: Police officer claims Gijon felt threatened by journalist

Antoni Mesquida, a former inspector from Palma’s Local Police, claimed Gijon had absolute control over the force’s Green Patrol.

Mesquida claims Gijon dismissed him after the Green Patrol investigated El Mundo journalist Eduardo Inda for alleged illegal building work on his property.

Gijon felt ‘threatened’ by Inda, Mesquida claimed.

Inda had been reported to police by neighbours for the building work in 2007.

Mesquida claimed Gijon was overheard speaking to someone on the phone who said, ‘Your head or Mesquida’s. Front page. I’ve already spoken to Pedro Jota (director of El Mundo), and he thinks you’re five months away from elections.’

Mesquida later won a case for unfair dismissal.

The trial continues.


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