HOLIDAY HORROR: Shock as Cadiz tourist shot dead by policeman while on holiday in Rio

Rocinha is Rio de Janeiro’s largest favela or slum, with around 180,000 people living in the tightly packed district

LAST UPDATED: 24 Oct, 2017 @ 16:55

CADIZ is in mourning after an elderly resident of the city was killed by a military policeman while on holiday in Rio de Janeiro.

Maria Esperanza Jiménez Ruiz, 67 was with her brother and his wife on a tour of the notorious Rocinha favela when she was shot.

She was taken to hospital by the emergency services but declared dead on arrival.

Initial reports from the authorities state that the officer opened fire on the car in which she was travelling in as it did not stop at a police check point.

However, the driver and passengers have disputed this, saying they were not commanded to stop.

The Spanish Embassy in Brazil is currently working with authorities in Rio de Janeiro to establish exactly what happened in this tragic incident.


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