Thursday, 18 January, 2018

Adam Neale: Property Insider

FOR decades Estepona lived in the shadow of its rich, glamorous neighbour Marbella, but now things are changing. Marbella is still very much in...

A RECENT article on the Costa del Sol's property market, on Mark Stücklin's Spanish Property Insight website, caught my attention because it stated that...

IN my previous column, we covered the two taxes vendors have to pay upon the sale of property. While the first of these, municipal...

Find out about the costs you'll have to cover before and after you find a buyer. Although buyers are liable for the lion's share...

How to ensure you obtain a secure deposit and contract when buying a house in Spain

If you are planning on developing a new property here, I'd suggest you carry out two basic steps before choosing a builder.

San Roque, where the exclusive enclave of Sotogrande is located, saw total sales climb a huge 26.7% for the quarter, albeit down 4.6% compared to the final quarter last year

Justice will prevail in Spain after all, but only for the very patient

Wherever you're thinking of looking for your next home, purchasing a less than perfect property in the best possible location always makes more sense than buying an ideal home in the wrong place

Owners are required to contract a registered technician to produce a report

If you're a UK resident with property in Spain, there are still ways to make Brexit work in your favour

Marbella is back and may be better than ever

The general rule is that if you earn any income from a property you own and let in Spain, you are liable for taxation

From January to the end of June, Andalucia welcomed close to 8.4 million visitors

Project managers can help things run smoothly, as long as they are professionals

Now Andalucia's new holiday rental rules are in force, other regions of Spain suggest it pays to register now rather than risk a fine

New Junta rules for tourist accommodation rentals begin in May, but what exactly do they all mean?

In the final part of this series on Costa del Sol property development, we review the fees and taxes a vendor has to pay before starting work, during the build, and at the time of sale

Part two of our series on the tax implications of buying, selling and developing urban land in Spain

With more and more people looking for building plots to develop property on the Costa del Sol, here's the first article in a series about buyers’ taxes depending on the seller's status

This month, let's take a trip 100 years back in time to trace the rise of Spain's favourite holiday and second-home destination

Spain has introduced new laws and revised existing legislation to streamline processes

Supreme Court leaves Marbella without a plan

Changes that come into effect from January 1, 2016, leave consumers at much greater risk of financial losses. Only banks and insurers look set to benefit

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times... Now we're living in an interesting time, when two very different real-estate markets exist, like parallel realities, at the same time

The market is back on track and Andalucia is still buyers’ favourite spot




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