Friday, 20 October, 2017

Tag: Almeria

EXCLUSIVE: Controversial pet shelter probed again after moving headquarters

He is hoping to raise awareness and get more local support for the campaign

The offer is continuing due to overwhelming demand

2,200 people have signed the petition

Mancunian Shaun Kennedy was left with a bloodied face, a swollen hand and a twisted knee after fighting off the child snatcher

The film about the Spanish Inquisition stars Hollywood greats

The 28 campaigners painted the words ´hotel ilegal´ on the complex

Golden Leaves new office is located on Avenida de Almeria

The Priors spent their life’s nest egg building their dream home - Tranquility - before it was bulldozed in a cruel error after a swish of a civil servant’s pen, writes their friend Lenox Napier

The Texan will be head north through Spain before jetting home

EXCLUSIVE: Vera Town Hall in Almeria appeals against €425,000 compensation payout

Expat couple the Priors should receive more than €425,000 from Vera Town Hall

Almeria resident Lenox Napier argues succinctly that the creation of jobs is more important than protecting mere ‘scrub’

Cost of razing luxury complex and restoring Almeria site put at €7.18 million

EXCLUSIVE: Search on for rogue estate agent who has vanished with up to a million euros in deposits

A polar air mass is on its way

The video system can identify, with 98% accuracy, the registration of any car, even it is travelling as fast as 180kph

Almeria ticket wins main prize as two tickets in Seville and one in Cordoba bag second cash bonanza

There are currently 389,000 vacant new builds across the country

It is essential to go with experts. Some mushrooms are toxic, and telling them apart is often tricky

Exhibitions in October showcased the outdoor ovens in Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada

The 400-room monstrosity, built on a virgin beach in the Cabo de Gata natural park, features on a list of the world’s 20 most ill-conceived buildings

Stars sign off with celebratory cake showing all five Spanish locations

The 1,440km A7 now encompasses Malaga, Motril and Almeria

Dubbed the ‘worst nuclear accident in US history’, the town of 16,000 - half of whom are British expats - was covered in nuclear waste after two US Air Force planes carrying four nuclear bombs collided in 1966


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