Monday, July 23, 2018
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Michael Gove’s Spanish-based brother in law is worried about his future after Brexit

Despite having a Spanish wife, the photographer fears he will no longer be able to work in Spain

Daily Mail labels Malaga the new Barcelona

Where OP columnists dare to venture, UK nationals appear to follow

The Olive Press is your REAL community newspaper… and here is why:

The Olive Press counts on eight trained journalists - a number former Fleet Street hands - and does not simply translate stories, kow tow to town halls and offer long boring features on flowers

JLS in Marbella: Local photographer’s lucky shot… on his phone!

Celebrity snapper Johnny Gates took a photo of JLS on his phone which made it into English national newspapers

‘King’ Ruud makes a striking display in Marbella

Soccer star Ruud Van Nistelrooy sparks racism row with festive get up

Daily Mail faces trouble over 10-year-old mum

The Spanish Attorney General hopes to prosecute the British daily newspaper for printing photos of the young parents


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