Michael Gove
Michael Gove

WHILE Tory Leaver Michael Gove was wheeling out the champagne, his brother-in-law was far from thrilled.

Ben Vine – brother of Gove’s Daily Mail columnist wife Sarah – lives in Madrid and fears for his future.

Despite having a Spanish wife, the photographer fears he will no longer be able to work in Spain.

“I always took it for granted that I could just live and work here, but that may no longer be the case,” he said.

He added his ‘biggest worry’ was ‘being separated from my nine-year-old son’.
Vine, who was raised with his sister in Italy, feels ‘thoroughly European’.

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  1. Better yet, couldn’t the OP just add “Gove” to its list of unpublishable words, and have the computer replace it with “expletive deleted” (or just ****) whenever it occurs. I’d like to do the same with “Vine”, but we don’t want to lose all those good winery reviews.

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