Thursday, December 3, 2020
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No deal Brexit risks for British in Spain and Gibraltar, detailed in leaked UK Government report

The secret Yellowhammer documents have suggested British citizens travelling to the EU will be limited to 90-day stays and subject to tighter passport checks

Brexit post-mortem two weeks after the vote

The decision of a generation has been made, what happens next for expats is up for conjecture, but doesn’t look great. Rob Horgan sorts through the wreckage as the dust settles on Brexit

Michael Gove’s Spanish-based brother in law is worried about his future after Brexit

Despite having a Spanish wife, the photographer fears he will no longer be able to work in Spain

London mayor Boris Johnson backs Brexit in EU referendum

Expats living in Spain gearing up for crucial vote on Briitain's future

Murderer Kenneth Noye’s Spanish getaway plans scuppered

Justice secretary Michael Gove has rejected a ruling to release the 68-year-old killer