22 Feb, 2016 @ 10:21
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London mayor Boris Johnson backs Brexit in EU referendum

'POISONED CHALICE': Conspiracy theorist pours cold water on Brexit win

BORIS Johnson has announced he is backing the campaign to take Britain out of the EU.

The London mayor has chosen to defy Conservative Party leader David Cameron by backing a Brexit.

'AGONISING': Johnson joins out camp
‘AGONISING’: Johnson joins out camp

The referendum will be held on June 23, a vote which has huge implications for Spain’s British residents.

Johnson said: “I would like to see a new relationship based more on trade, on cooperation, with much less of this supranational element.

“So that is where I’m coming from and that is why I have decided, after a huge amount of heartache, because the last thing I wanted was to go against David Cameron or the government, I don’t think there is anything else I can do.”

In a blow to Cameron, Johnson follows cabinet member Michael Gove in the ‘Leave’ camp.

Briitsh expats who have lived in Spain for less than 15 years can register to vote on  www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.

Voting can be done by post, proxy, or in person if you are in the UK on polling day.

Those opting to vote by post will have ballot forms despatched around one month in advance.

Joe Duggan (Reporter)

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  1. Well Outers, here’s your blonde bombshell leader. Form an orderly line and march on to the sunny uplands of freedom behind him. Don’t forget his sturdy lieutenants either, Ian Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling, George Galloway, Nigel Farage, Micheal Gove and Uncle Tom Cobley and all.
    When the Blonde Berk has completed his mission you can then all enjoy his tenure as the next Prime Minister of Britain as it floats off into the Atlantic, toward the tender loving arms of our saviour, the USA.
    Won’t that be fun?

  2. Stefanjo, making comments like yours suggests you’re the berk lol

    The sooner Boris or anyone leads the UK out the unmitigated disaster called the EU the better, the £10 Billion extra we give than receive to that money pit can be better spent on being in charge of our own affairs, borders, etc

    BTW who do you regard as your PM, Rajoy or Cameron (PMSL)?

    • Gosh Mike. I’m still smarting from that sharp riposte. You must be a demon at your local debating society. Neither Cameron or Rajoy is “my” Prime Minister, they are, respectively, first, the PM of Britain and second, the PM of Spain.

        • Of course, resident expatriates in Spain are prohibited from voting in general elections, so Rajoy (or whoever else) could never be our prime minister (speaking as a British expatriate). Perhaps Spain will change that, after all are we not in a “union” of countries? Could be a long wait for that one.

  3. Mike
    The issue is not only about money.

    Acording with Gustave Le Bon (The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind ), the mentality of the people of UK is very different with respect to the mentality of the people of the continent. I think that we, the continentals , miss the times of the Pax Romana, and we are not against the initiatives of to build another empire in Western Europe.

    The history teach us that ,for centuries- Spanish Empire, French Empire, III Reich- the UK have fought against those projects.

  4. Anselmo, you are correct that the issue is not all about money although it is a major consideration. Nothing wrong with Continentals either as far as most Brits are concerned. You seem to have hit the nail on the head though with your last comment, I know so many Brits who just don’t want to be told what to do and spend by neither Brussels bureaucrats but especially by Merkel. Eventually other countries you mention might decide to leave ‘Germany’ as well.

    However another major issue is that the UK has a high population density, and individually England has the highest in the EU I believe now, so the migrant issue is a huge concern.

  5. stefanjo,
    on another thread I asked you if you have ever been on the frontline, your theoretical moaning confirms you never have. Project Fear is’nt working for you is it. You have to use fear because you have zero facts to back up your case for staying in the big business controlled EU. Just what is it about serfdom that you so enjoy, could it be that taking responsibility for your own life and actions terrifies you as it does so many Brits.

    Corbyn is a good man but if he truly believes in democracy then he has to oppose immigration, he refuses to do what the majority wants, there can be only one answer to that.

    Pobre Anselmo, still cannot bring himself to deprogramme all the b/s propoganda that was fed into him at school.

    Anselmo, the Romans created an evil organisation that looted every country it entered. It was not good for the Euskadi/Celts/Morenos who were the inhabitants of the Iberian peninsular – it was not good for them. YOU ARE NOT A ROMAN AND YOU ARE NOT DESCENDED FROM THEM, YOU NEED TO FACE THIS REALITY. I don’t think that the numerous Aryan peoples would agree with you about Pax Romana. Indeed it was the Francs who butchered 3 Roman legions in one battle that signalled the end of that evil empire. And do remember that the Romans only used ideas from other peoples, the Greek city States who themselves learned from Middle Eastern cultures.

    Your right about the Brits though, they disappeared up the American anus at the end of WW11 and have never reappeared. They have become so Americanised not least with obesity and are woefully under-educated, a delibersate policy of the public schoolboys. It is easy for foreigners with a fresh eye to see that 1984 happened in the UK and that a revolution is now not possible from within.

    Chas, was it deliberate not to mention the Soviets who really defeated the Austrian and German savages and paid a price of over 20 million dead. This was the biggest ego mistake that he made. and later on had the little Austrian listened to Erwin Rommel who was more than a generation ahead militarily it would have been a total slaughter in Normandy, the world should be very thankful that the German/Austrian generals did’nt do away with Hitler in 1938.

    Chas, the elites especially in the UK and USA are programmed to accept and perpetuate their control over both countries, as always it is only possible because of loathsome serfs who need someone to give them orders and massed together in units it gives them a sense (false) of importance and worth which they really don’t have.

    Brexit without removing the cancer of the greedy and not very bright public schoolboys who have done their very best to destroy the UK over the last 100 + years is not going to be a positive in the short term. Americans really need to see that if they go down the identical road the same fate awaits them too. I can only echo the words from the Boy George song – la gent es muy stupido, y esta.

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