A GRUESOME murder of a guesthouse owner remains unsolved after the three main suspects were released.

The trio have been absolved of the 2003 murder of Carmen G. after the judge ruled that there is insufficient evidence against them.

The three had been arrested in Fuengirola a few days after the body of the owner of Pension Aguilar was found tied up. She had been suffocated while the safe had been broken into, despite not having any money.

The trio – an Algerian trader, 44, his Moroccan girlfriend and a 36-year-old Frenchman, who had previous convictions for robbery – were accused of fleeing the town after the police found the body.

The victim’s husband claimed that the three had been acting suspiciously in the run up to the murder on October 21.

The Moroccan woman, who was a divorced cleaner, had been staying at the hostal in Calle Naranjo.

However the Malaga court ruled that there were neither fingerprints, nor DNA evidence linking them to the crime.

In addition, he ruled that no-one had testified against them with any substantial evidence.

The cleaner was the only link between the accused and the murder. But on the morning of the murder she had a perfect alibi. At the time of the killing she had met with a friend, with whom she went to the bank and other shops.

Later, after returning to the hostal to find the police investigating the murder, she took a bus down to Fuengirola, where she met up with the Frenchman, who was living in Barcelona. The investigation continues.

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