THE mayor-elect of a Spanish town has received death threats after winning May 27’s local elections.

Dolores Padrón gained control of the Puerto de la Cruz town hall on the island of Tenerife, with the socialist PSOE party winning a total of ten councillors.
However, she claims her life has been threatened if she officially accepts the post as council leader on June 16.

Padrón told police she received threatening phone calls and letters immediately after victory in the local elections.

In one phone call, a digitally distorted man’s voice is heard telling her: “I know your car registration number and I know your daily routine.

“When you next get into your car, it will explode. You are a whore who needs to be eliminated.”

Fellow PSOE councillor María Jesús Ferrer also claims to have received death threats to her life, warning her not to take up a position on the town’s council.

On June 1, both councillors found their cars had been destroyed by vandals.

The outgoing mayor, Marcos Brito, has distanced his Coalición Canaria party, which lost control of the town hall to the socialist party, from the threats.

“We condemn this inexcusable behaviour. Our party fights for the peaceful coexistence between residents,” he said.
The police are taking the death threats seriously.

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