Cheech and ChongA SPANIARD has been arrested for driving without a licence, and with his wife and eight children in the back.

To make matters worse, when the Granada man was pulled over at the wheel he had a joint in his mouth.

Police stopped the driver after receiving a number of calls from fellow drivers that he was driving recklessly and smoking cannabis.

When they finally pulled him over he knocked into one of the police cars, damaging a wing mirror.

Despite testing positively in a drug test, the 36-year-old man from the suburb of Almanyajar insisted that the joint was not lit.

He admitted that he had smoked from the age of 12 and that he had been in prison before for other minor offences.

He insisted the normal size car was the only one his family had for getting his eight children to school.

He is now awaiting trial for dangerous driving and driving without a licence.


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