A 54-year-old man has been arrested for driving the wrong way around the Málaga Ring Road with no lights and almost four times over the drink-drive limit.

The man, whose licence had already been taken from him, was stopped at 2.30 am on Tuesday morning as he drove past the Palacio de Ferias building towards Torremolinos.

Said to have been driving at around 50kph, he was pulled over after driving nearly five kilometres along the dangerous two lane highway.

He was intercepted by a Guardia Civil patrol which was on its way to a nearby accident.

They escorted him to the next exit, where they discovered his licence had been seized for a previous infraction until 2010.

He was found to have 0.96 milligrams of alcohol on his breath, almost four times over the legal limit of 0.25. He is likely to face a prison sentence.

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  1. @Mark, I find the driving in Gib to be quite civilised. Far better than in Spain. The drivers are very considerate towards pedestrians and are far more likely to stop and let you at at junctions etc. Of course, there are bad drivers in Gib and the vast majority of them have tatty old cars on Spanish plates.

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