2 Apr, 2009 @ 14:52
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Robin on the menu


BRITAIN’S favourite bird, the robin, is still on the menu in some restaurants in Cadiz.

Investigators have found 144 birds plucked and frozen in restaurant kitchens in Chiclana, Vejer and Bornos.

Whinchats and linnets were also found among the birds being illegally served by restaurateurs.

Action was taken after a complaint was made to the Guardia Civil’s environmental arm by green group Ecologistas en Accion.

Robins, well-loved in the north of Europe often fly south to Spain during the winter and are protected in Andalucia as birds of ‘special interest’.

The restaurateurs involved have been charged with contravening wild flora and fauna laws as well as consumer laws for serving up the protected animals without identifying them to customers.


  1. There’s no way that people eat little birds like that. What type of meal would that be. To feel some ones appetite you would think that it would take about 50 or more of those little birds

  2. I thought it was weird when people decided to agriculture Ostriches for eating since its such a foreign bird to most country’s. Actually that’s one of the birds that Ive wanted to try Ive heard that ostrich does not taste that bad and that it does taste like a poultry

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