PITTING lawyers against each other is not exactly big news. But when they are suing each other it gets more interesting.

Our front page story about a businessman demanding recourse from a lawyer that – quite frankly – did a lousy job, will hopefully be the start of many such cases.

Lawyers in Spain generally claim to have an unwritten rule not to take each other to court. This test case is a necessary step towards redressing that issue.

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  1. What an interesting and enlightening article. I have just today written a detailed account of the total lack of professional attention which I have experienced since 2006 regarding a Penal hearing in a Criminal Court.
    The Judge gave his ruling that it was not a criminal act. Within a few weeks the Judge was himself charged with bribery,and corruption in the Malaya case and was given a three year prison sentence, a fine of some 230.000.00 Euros and banned from holding any public office for 19 years. He dud not go to prison as he had no previous convictions.
    As regards the rating of your article, it is right on the spot for me as I am always being told it is impossible for me to sue a Lawyer in Spain. I have not received any justice here during the last three years and the area is totally corrupt. I am an RAF veteran of WW2, 87 years of age and have been cheated out of my life´s savings and I am determined not to give up the fight for some justice.

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