NOT one to miss out on a big opportunity, Ryanair is thinking of charging obese passengers more to use their flights.

The low-cost airline continues to try and find new ways of charging passengers more extras for their flights.

Not content with charging to check in at the airport, for hold luggage or for paying by card, now the company is planning to charge overweight passengers, according to how many kilos they weigh!

Only last month, it emerged the airline is planning to charge a euro to use the inflight loos.

Now the company is carrying out a survey on its website to find out whether there would be support for such a move.

Men over 20 stone and women weighing more than 15 stone would pay extra.

The oldest and most successful budget airline in the world, South Western in the USA, has been forcing obese people to pay for two seats for years.


  1. A 10 € flight from Granada to Bolonia cost 60€ before the passengers could get on the plane, without the baggage charge and a few other surprises. Ryan air are the kings of false advertising. One thing they are not is a Buget Airline, since their flights end up costing as much as their rivals.

  2. I agree with Justin Roberts. I had a similar experience flying to the States and sitting next to a huge man who quite literally flopped well over into my seat to such an extent that I simply couldn’t move. The bright side, however, was that when I complained to the stewardess, my wife and I were upgraded to business class!

  3. About time someone has the guts to point out that the carbon footprint of flying lardies is probably greater than most people think. If they need two seats to fly then they should pay for two seats rather than squeeze into one. Usually next to mine.

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