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Where is Pat Moore?


Mystery Over missing man deepens

A BRITISH man has launched a fresh appeal in a bid to track down his father who disappeared mysteriously in 1994.

As the 15th anniversary of his dad’s disappearance in Spain approaches, Steve Moore has designed a new website to try and find his father Patrick.

“My dad was well known in Nerja and for him to disappear on festival day, in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, just doesn’t make sense”

Moore is hoping that someone might come forward with information on his father, who was 64 at the time.

He disappeared on June 16 during Nerja’s busy San Juan celebrations in June 1994 and has never been heard of since.

This is despite discussions at diplomatic level and the involvement of CID detectives in Moore’s home town of Bedford.

Steve, 43, who lives in Oxford, is determined to uncover the truth behind his dad’s disappearance.

He told The Olive Press: “My dad has a grandson named after him that he will never meet. One day that boy will ask me what happened to his granddad and I want to give him an answer.

“My dad was well known in Nerja and for him to disappear on festival day, in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, just doesn’t make sense.

“At least three people were there when he supposedly walked out of the house, so no-one can tell me – or my kids – that no-one knows what happened to him. And the Nerja I knew was too small a place to keep something that big a secret,” Steve continued.

“There are also some pretty pertinent questions to be answered about the whereabouts of his will, his money and the remainder of his estate, but right now I just want to know what happened to him.”

He continued: “The UK police are suspicious that a crime was involved and if that’s the case I can understand why people were reluctant to talk at the time. But time has passed and certain people will have doubtless moved on by now.

“Also, communication’s a lot easier than it was and people can now email me through the website with full anonymity. I don’t need names – just answers.”

Patrick Michael Graham Moore, born 15 March 1940, disappeared from his home in Pueblo Chimenea, Nerja on June 16, 1994.

If you can help, ring Steve Moore on (+44) 775 959 0113 or email him at [email protected] and the Olive Press at [email protected]. The website is www.whereispatmoore.com.


  1. How can someone just disappear from a place like Nerja? Having been there several times it seems unlikely to me. And what about the three people who were there at the time? Do the local police investigate the disappearence of foreign nationals with as much vigour as they would a Spanish person? Is there no body? This does smell odd. I would like to think this story reaches a conclusion rather than fading away in the way the Spanish authorities would wish.

  2. Dear Steve, you may remember me I was a friend of both your Dad and Pamela and was in Nerja on 16th June 1994. My friends who have a place in Marbella and live in Harrold/Beds have just returned from a holiday and phoned me to tell me about the article in the local paper showing a picture of your Dad and saying he maybe living near Algarrobo! Not one person in Nerja has contacted me!! Would love to know he is safe and well, is this true? Kind regards Aileen

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