27 Jun, 2009 @ 20:18
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Was Amy Abandoned?


IT is with heavy hearts that we publish the investigative piece on Amy Fitzpatrick.

We know it will make for extremely unpleasant reading for her mother and stepfather Dave Mahon, with whom the Olive Press has had an excellent relationship .

Nonetheless, when we heard of a new appeal based around the teenager´s lifestyle a fortnight ago, we felt obliged to investigate ourselves.

After all, we figured, it had long been rumoured that Amy did not attend school very often and was regularly seen out late at various unsavoury venues.

It came as a massive shock to discover that she was apparently so unhappy in Spain and even “occasionally slept rough in a field”.

Words from friends were also incredibly revealing.

Having spoken to many friends, former teachers, family and, finally mother Audrey and stepdad Dave, we believe we have done a responsible job.

No fingers are being pointed and we must stress that we have no opinion on her disappearance.

The Olive Press just hopes that our in-depth piece might produce just one single small clue that could help investigators, family, or police finally solve this mystery.

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