A FAMILY have been awarded 45,000 euros after having to put up with 15 years of noise pollution.

The Spanish family lived next door to a pub in Pulpi, Almeria, that played music louder than 56 decibels around the clock, often failing to close at the time it was meant to.

The High Court in Andalucia ordered Pulpi council to pay the family compensation because they had failed to measure the noise levels from the bar.

A local police report backed up the pub stating that the noise levels were “reasonable” and that there was a “pleasant atmosphere and quiet music”.

However the High Court said that Pulpi council could have done more to prevent the problem.


  1. Bloody Sunday, Monday Tuesday Wednesday etc….

    One should try to live in the valley (near finca El Maurel) above Macharaviaya when the chemical device which explodes like a regatta gun persists day after day, often night after night exploding up to 60 times an hour. Objective : to surpise and deter rabbits and rodents from eating vegetation.

    The local town hall after notification sometimes seem to take action after several days, other times they are ignored or perhaps they do nothing.

    Then comes the weekend and the arrival before dawn of the Sunday rabbit hunters.

    I no longer invite friends to come to hear gunshot ricochetting off the walls and dogs and rabbits screaming. Every Sunday for months. Last year it persisted from June to January. Then someone set up a few weekends of clay pigeon shooting on Saturdays to reverberate round the valley.

    I call them bloody Sundays, Mondays….. etc.

    Guardia say this is all legal; other officials say it is not. Which is the truth?

    I wonder who is right? They tell me that the Denuncia must go against the Town Hall who are responsible.

    One tries always for peace and compromise but there comes a limit when tolerance is over.

    Therein lie more of the trials which spoil and sadden living in Spain. And turn guests and tourists away.

    Christine A. Ferguson

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