POLICE have appealed for more victims who may have lost money to missing Jose Luis Maseda.

It comes as a group action called ‘Los Perjudicados’ was launched to spearhead finding up to 20 million euros that were invested through him.

One lawyer Juan Carlos Carrasco this week filed a denuncia for five of his clients, all expatriates.

He claims to have a further 70 victims in the pipeline. He said: “We are in the process of forming an association which will take a joint action. In cases like this it will be much more effective.”

Carrasco estimates that the missing Maseda could owe as much as 20 million euros to more than 200 victims.

It comes as the Olive Press tracked Maseda down to his luxury Malaga home. Although not present,  his sister-in-law revealed that he had also “ruined” his own family.

Want to reclaim your missing money? Contact lawyer Juan Carlos Carrasco on 952 469 038 or 952 197 061 to find out more about joining the group action.

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