A FATHER blessed with a 15-centimetre holy rod has been thrown out of the Catholic Church for spending 17,000 euros on pornography internet prostitution and sex calls.

Sex addict Samuel Martin, 27, posed for a number of raunchy photos in nothing more than his briefs as he advertised his services on sex sites.

The Toledo priest presented himself as “Hector, heterosexual Spanish man at your service”.

“I am well endowed at 15 centimetres and I am open to anything except sadomasochism,” he boasted.

“Hector, heterosexual Spanish man at your service.”

“You will not regret it, I will make you feel happier than ever before.”

His website prices ranged from 50 euros for 15 minutes to 120 euros an hour.

The insatiable priest confessed during his weekly sermon that he had taken the money – but stopped short of explaining exactly what it was spent on.

Toledo archbishop Braulio Rodríguez confirmed that the parish priest of Noez y Totanes has since been discharged by the church.

The mayor of Noez, Yolanda Sanchez, revealed that the extra-curricular activities of randy Martin had always been a “well-known secret”.

The sinful priest also tried selling a 17th Century church painting online for 9,000 euros to allegedly fund his internet poker addiction.

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