Monday, September 25, 2023
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Artificial intelligence: Mothers in Spain’s Extremadura region denounce faked nude photos of their daughters circulating in schools

AROUND two dozen mothers in the Spanish region of Extremadura have reported a shocking new use of artificial intelligence: to create ultra-realistic naked pictures...

Serial paedophile who posed as teenager to groom kids on social media in Spain faces ‘1,000 year jail sentence’.

ONE of the most prolific sexual predators in Spain is facing a ‘thousand year’ prison sentence over the abuse of at least 98 children. Prosecutors...

FIGHT BACK against sexual porn addiction with Villa Paradiso’s expert and caring team

WATCHING pornography in one form or another has been around for a long time. It is now easily accessible online but can lead to serious...

Pervert on the Costa Blanca in Spain installed bathroom camera to spy on his ex-girlfriend and her young daughter

AN Alicante man has been accused of installing a spy camera into the bathroom of his ex-girlfriend's home. Tape was used to stick the tiny...

Pervert on Spain’s Costa Blanca used over 60 phone cards to send unwanted porn to women

An Elche man has been arrested for sending unwanted pornography to women by using dozens of mobile phone numbers. The 44-year-old Spaniard used pre-paid cards...

Spanish online paedophile ring smashed

SEVEN paedophiles have been detained by the Policia Nacional after sharing child pornography through video chat, including an 18-year-old boy from Granada. Further arrests are...

English teacher arrested in Spain for sharing child pornography

The teacher, who lived in Barcelona, was one of seven locked up following an investigation that began last year

81 arrested in Spain for child pornography

And further arrested expected, say police

Scientists discover porn loving chimp in Sevilla

A professor in Sevilla believes he has found a link between sexual interest in both human and non-human primates in Gina the chimpanzee

‘Child pornography’ doctor removed from post

A number of disturbing pieces of equipment were seized

Original sin

Confessions of a Spanish sex-pest priest




Zara founder and Spain’s richest man Armancio Ortega at loggerheads with owners of historic Glasgow restaurant over astronomical repair...

SPAIN’S richest man has been attracting the scorn of Scotsmen after being blamed for water leaks that have caused catastrophic damage to a beloved...


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