AS our distribution list – printed for the first time in our paper this week – is testament: The Olive Press is in all the right places and all the key places around Andalucia.

As the list on page 24 shows we are already distributing in six of the eight provinces, and have papers in all the best locations, including Sevilla, Cordoba, Malaga, Marbella, Gibraltar and Jerez.

What’s more, we have managed to do what no other paper has yet achieved; get out into the heart of the campo, into all the tiny villages, where increasingly, expatriate English, Dutch and other Northern Europeans reside.

We believe this is the key to our success. Making sure that ALL of Andalucia is covered – from the big cities to the tiny hamlets AND from the coast inland.

Wherever you live, you are indeed now in ‘Olive Press territory’.

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