THE former mayor of Manilva told a court that 762,000 euros found at his home were “anonymous donations” to his political party.

Pedro Tirado insisted that he kept the donations, given to him by “grateful” members of the local community, in a Calvin Klein toilet bag and not in bin liners as has been reported.

He is accused of reclassifying land belonging to Royal Marbella Estates in exchange for three million euros.

When asked why he kept the donations at home, Tirado responded: “It’s rude to open an envelope in front of someone.”


  1. I am at a loss as to why the european court does not step in and bring these spanish practices to a halt, and make the government accountable for these people – after all i thought we were all sitting at the same table in the EU? Am I missing something as this behaviour seems prevalent throughout, does spain have dispensation or something from just and correct behaviour?

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