MAIMED Spanish bullfighter Jose Tomas has jetted back to Gibraltar after being released from hospital in Mexico.

Tomas – who was seriously gored in his left thigh – touched down and headed to his Estepona home to continue his recovery.

“He managed a smile for his family and friends, who came to meet him.”

Less than two weeks ago the acclaimed Tomas, 34, required an eight-litre blood transfusion after suffering a six-inch deep gouge in his thigh.

An eyewitness at Gibraltar airport said: “He seemed a little thinner and is still using a wheelchair.

“However, he managed a smile for his family and friends, who came to meet him.”

Tomas’ rehabilitation will reportedly be helped by brother Antonio – physiotherapist and Estepona Union midfielder.

He had already made “great strides” in his recovery but has cancelled fights at Bilbao and Cordoba at the end of May.

But the battling Tomas is already considering making appearances in Madrid and Granada in June.

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  1. Shame the bull didn’t finish the job. Please note that this senorito won’t have spent more than 30mins in Gibraltar as he will have scuttled across the frontier into Spain as quickly as possible.

    Nice to think that he wouldn’t be allowed to earn his living here in Gibraltar as bullfighting would be illegal under our animal protection laws.

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