SPAIN has been revealed as the second happiest country in Europe.

Friends, partners and family are the factors that make that make most Spaniards tick.

Some 89 per cent of youngsters are happy with their lives, according to a global happiness study undertaken by Coca Cola.

Finding love, food, doing volunteer work and travelling were the other causes of happiness in Spain.

According to the survey of 16 countries, Spain clinched eighth place overall, while Romania was rated as Europe’s most content.

The UK emerged as the third happiest country in Europe, but sitting at top spot in the world charts was salsa-loving Mexico.

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  1. HA HA HA – who did this survey – Coca Cola!

    Did no one see the huge demonstrations taking place in Romania and the Romanians are so happy and content with life that half the population is working for peanuts in plasticland.

    The UK the third happiest country in Europe – now that really is worth a laugh.

    Spanish youth doing volunteer work ha ha and travelling – only to Spanish speaking countries.

    Perhaps Coca Cola gave those who conducted this (joke) survey some of their original product made from Coca leaves and Cola Nitida a natural West African form of amphetamine.

    The last time I drank this liquid garbage was, let me think ah yes 37 years ago.

  2. The latest United Nations World Happiness Report 2013, released yesterday, shows Spain has slipped to 38th place. Freedom of life choices and freedom from corruption were factors in this report, so one can see why Spain is tumbling down the ranks.

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