A PLANNED aquarium for dolphins has been slammed by green activists.

The projected ‘dolphinarium’ – earmarked for Rosia Bay, in Gibraltar – has received a barrage of criticism from Friends of the Earth.

The green group is concerned that it will lead to keeping dolphins in captivity and undergoing forced training routines.

Spokesman Lyana Armstrong-Emery said: “Frankly, we’re alarmed at this prospect and its serious potential for mistreating the dolphins.

“We can only by guided by how such places have operated elsewhere in the world.

“Dolphins behave in human-like ways because they are hungry and not because they are friendly.”

The group cited conditions endured by captive dolphins in Japan and the Caribbean and insisted that their life expectancy is significantly less.

The concerns come after the company Europa Point Marine Village submitted a proposal to the Gibraltar government which is now being evaluated.

Officials however, confirmed that it will not allow dolphins caught in the wild to be kept in captivity.

Chief Minister Peter Caruana explained: “The government is not against the existence of a dolphinarium.

“But under no circumstances would we contemplate agreeing to the training and keeping in captivity of dolphins caught in the wild.”

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