A BRITISH woman has been arrested for fatally stabbing her husband, also British, in Benalmádena.

Police received a call from the victim’s neighbour at two o’clock in the morning Monday reporting that a man had been stabbed nearby.

When emergency services arrived, they found the husband C.D., 57, lying naked in the living room with a deep stab wound in his neck that had caused him to bleed to death.

The man’s wife M.C., 48, originally claimed that three men assaulted and killed her husband, but investigators quickly dismantled the assertion and arrested her on the scene.

Neighbors say the couple from Sunderland fought frequently, but domestic violence in their household had never been reported to police.

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  1. Why are the Brits so willing to turn to violence? Read about the thug from Real Ronda attacking innocent blokes outside the correos recently … what makes them behave like this? They must have such unhappy lives, and so little dignity!
    My plea to people like this – please stay at home and don’t bring your low-class antics here! You are NOT welcome.

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