By Wendy Williams

WITH A-level results out, British students are eagerly clambering to secure a place at university.

But for many of those seeking higher education this year, they are set to be disappointed.

Current reports indicate that as many as 225,000 of the 660,000 students who applied this year, will be turned away due to lack of places.

Now students are beginning to look elsewhere and investigate the possibilities of studying abroad.

And Marbella University, the first and only English speaking university in the south of Spain, is looking to take up the slack.

According to Dr. Eduard Schellhammer, President of Marbella University, they have already seen a considerable surge in applications in recent weeks.

He said: “We welcome recent developments that promise to bring together students from a diverse set of cultural backgrounds and nationalities.

“All our courses are taught in English. Candidates are given the opportunity to absorb a new language as well as Iberian culture, to embrace international work opportunities and enjoy the enhanced lifestyle Marbella has to offer.”

Studying abroad has much to recommend it, giving students a taste of a different way of life.

And Marbella seems happy to welcome the influx of young people to its shores.

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  1. This article gives the impression that students can just turn up at Marbella University as they would in the UK with a PCAS/UKAS place. Marbella University has a different fee structure completely. Students will have to afford around ten thousand euros in course fees for a bachelor programme (MU is essentially a private education establishment remember) which is around triple what a top tier UK University charges – I just looked online to compare the fees.

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