By Wendy Williams

ANDALUCIA has one of the biggest shortages of hospital beds in Spain.

Hospitals around the region have just 2.72 beds for every 1000 inhabitants, which is second only to Valencia, with 2.69 beds.

In addition, just 41.5 per cent of patients in Andalucía are able to get an appointment the following day compared to a massive 68.5 per cent in Asturias.

The figures come as it emerges that Andalucia is one of the lowest spending regions for healthcare in Spain.

The region spends just 1180 euros a year per inhabitant, which is a staggering 443 euros less than in the Basque country.

It also has one of the highest patient/doctor ratios, with 1,442 patients per doctor.

In light of these findings the health services association (FADSP) have rated the health service in Andalucía as ‘below average’.

Andalucia is also near the bottom of the list for spending on pharmaceuticals beating only Madrid and the Canary Islands.

It is not however the worst in the country as the heath services in Madrid, Galicia, the Canary Islands and Valencia all rated as ‘poor’.

Five regions – Navarra, Castille y Leon, Asturias, Castilla la Mancha and Aragon – scored ‘good’ in the ratings.


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