A STAGGERING 45 per cent of pregnant women in Spain have admitted to drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

And one in five women have confessed they consume up to five alcoholic drinks in just one sitting.

These shocking findings were revealed in a new report by the National Association of Health Informers.

Excessive alcohol consumption during pregnancy can lead to developmental problems, behavioural disorders and can damage the heart, kidneys, liver and brain of the unborn child.

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  1. I had a girl working for me and not only did she drink but also smoked when pregnant. I remember telling her off for not thinking about her baby. I was shocked when she said the doctor told her it was better to smoke and drink a little than nothing as it could led to her becoming nervious.

  2. “http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-11476456”

    “Drinking one or two units of alcohol a week during pregnancy does not raise the risk of developmental problems in the child, a study has suggested.”

    So as long as it’s not too much…

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