IT is one of the longest-standing expatriate clubs in Andalucia.

But, now a War of Independence has broken out within the normally staid corridors of the American Club.

It comes, after a big fall out in the Marbella chapter saw the setting up of a new arm under a breakaway group.

The 36-year-old chapter has been blown apart after elected president Ann McGeehan fell out with the rest of the Costa del Sol American Club.

With just a month to go before Thanksgiving on November 24, it means two seperate groups are claiming to represent Americans in Marbella.

In much confusion there will now be an American Club of Marbella and the Marbella Chapter of the American Club of the Costa del Sol.

According to Robert Sekler, stand in president of the Marbella Chapter, the club has been reconstituted.

He said: “There was a lot of wrangling and back-biting and it got quite nasty.

“But we have just had a luncheon with 40-something people and I think people are quite happy now.”

The New Yorker, who has been a member of the club for eight years ago, added: “I don’t know what’s with the other group but I am very happy our club still exists.

“I enjoy coming here and so does my wife.”

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  1. A “tea party” … and then some!

    REAL Americans appreciate the principles behind:
    “Taxation without Representation is …” and
    “This Constitution is the law of the land and shall be binding for citizens as well as their elected representatives” and “Freedom of Speech is guaranteed …”

    A pity that so few members of the American Club Costa del Sol do not attend Board of Directors Meetings or Annual General Meetings so they can see and hear what their Board Officers “do on members’ behalf”. An eye opener for certain with some really impressive news coming out in the next few months!

    Such Board actions contributed to part of the “Marbella Chapter” separating to The American Club of Marbella in 2010 and totally ALL of the “Nerja Chapter” members separating to the American International Club of Nerja in 2008. Perhaps AC Members should ask Board of Directors, “Is that a downward trend for some reason?”

    A fact Americans have known for a long time – good, knowledgeable, financially able “voters”, do “vote with their feet”!

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