THE MOST expensive car in Spain has been bought in Marbella.

An unnamed foreign businessman has spent 1.8 million euros on One-77 Aston Martin at the C. de Salamanca dealership.

The buyer is described as a middle-aged car fan who spends a lot of time in Marbella.

He has personally travelled to Aston Martin’s factory in Warwickshire to customise the car.

The posh auto boasts a 760-horsepower engine with 12 cyliders.

Only 77 models of the car will ever be made.

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  1. A truly “UNIQUE CAR” – like driving a brick with 4 wheels which also depreciates 50% in 3 years.. that’s 5770 Euros per week, if you use it or not. And ALL Astons look the same – not even ego/status recognition UGH!
    Around Marbella, you want ego/status “recognition” – go stand in Puerto Banus and throw 50 Euro notes in the air!!
    More immediately “impressive” (one could pass out personal business cards!)and far less expensive.
    A Fool and his Money will soon – part company.

  2. Fool and his Money will soon be gone.

    Shoulda ave asked the Molitor before …..


    (see the Molitor passing out Personal Business Cards in Puerto B. this coming weekend)

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