25 Mar, 2011 @ 09:15
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Spanish need for speed

THOUSANDS of protesters have rallied in central Madrid to protest against the new reduction in speed limits.

The group Movimiento 140 brought the city centre to a standstill during the rally in Puerta del Sol.

The group is opposed to the new regulations, which force drivers to drop their top speed from 120 km/h to 110 km/h in order to save fuel costs.

It claims that the new restrictions are merely brought in to raise more money from speeding fines.

“We believe the government will make an extra 20 to 30m euros a year in fines,” said spokesman Pedro Javaloyes.

The group, that saw 250 members fill out the square with placards, demanded the resignation of home secretary Rubalcaba.

They want to see the limit increased to 140 km/h.

Members of the crowd were carrying speed limit signs with the number 110 crossed out while others carried boards with 140.

The group has already collected over 35,000 signatures against the drop and has appealed to the Supreme Court to have it cancelled.

The group insists it already has 191,000 signatures of members in favour of seeing the limit raised to 140 km/h.

“We don’t need to be forced to drive at 110 km/h. It would have been better just to make recommendations on how to save petrol while driving,” added Javaloyes.

Wendy Williams

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  1. What is it with this new law? Whilst driving at 110 Km/h on the A7 a few times this week, just about everyone was passing me at speed well in excess of 110 Km/h. Spanish drivers never abided by speed laws to begin with, so it remains irrelevant now.

  2. And just recently the “Traffico Powers to Be” reduced the speed limit on the N-340 between Estepona and Fuengirola from 120 down to 80 KPH. Mayors of the Towns effected are complaining about the arbitrary change that was implemented without any dialog with them. Motto: Spain Needs Money !!
    Also poorly planned – if Guardia are not using high priced Speed Cameras to clock/assess fines automatically – there are VERY few safe places to pull aside speeding cars!

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