THE road to Wembley is proving a little complicated for Barcelona FC.

The team could now be forced to change their travel plans ahead of the Champions League final this Saturday as the volcanic ash cloud threatens to disrupt flights.

Pep Guardiola the Barcelona coach has announced the team may fly two days ahead of schedule to face Manchester United at Wembley.

But he added the problem will not be for the team but for the fans, with 12,000 set to fly to London on Saturday afternoon.

“It would be very bad luck if half the stadium was empty for the final,” Guardiola said.

“We play football for the sake of the fans and I hope they can be there.”

It comes as thousands of travellers due to fly in and out of Scotland and Ireland have already had their flights cancelled.

And it is believed ash from the newly erupting Icelandic volcano, the Grumsvötn, could hit Spain by Thursday.

The warnings come a year after debris from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano spread across Europe, creating the biggest no-fly zone since the Second World War.

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