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New lord of Bent-ley hall?

EXCLUSIVE By Wendy Williams

A TIMESHARE salesman who allegedly made a fortune from dodgy cashback schemes on the Costa del Sol is said to be buying a three million euro mansion in the UK.

Anthony Larvin, an associate of infamous conman Garry Leigh, is said to have made an offer on stunning Bentley Hall, in Yorkshire, it can be revealed.

According to sources, the former director of Cashback Sales and Administration, has had an offer accepted on the six bedroom mansion that comes complete with three acres of grounds including a fishing lake, clay pigeon shooting, tennis, a gym, a swimming pool and sauna.

The news will come as a bitter blow to the hundreds of holidaymakers who lost their life savings in the  cashback scheme linked to the late Garry Leigh’s notoriously dodgy Incentive Leisure Group.

Larvin, who fled Spain last year, was taken to court in 2008 by his former business partner Stuart Tristram for stealing money from the company and putting it into liquidation.


In a letter sent to all clients in 2009 Tristram wrote: “Anthony Larvin has been removed from his position and is currently being pursued through the courts.”

He added: “Mr Larvin has made a preliminary court appearance and appears to have admitted to most of the charges against him; he has also surrendered his passport and agreed to remain in Spain until the case is resolved.”

This, however, is apparently not the case and he is currently living an ‘enviable lifestyle’ back in the UK, the Olive Press can reveal.

According to a family source, Larvin is driving around in a brand new top of the range Mercedes and is known locally as someone ‘who likes to spend big’.

She said: “Larvin has put in an offer to purchase Bentley Hall and it has been accepted.

“Not bad for a guy who left Spain with what he could carry in the back of his car.

“He says he earns his money in investments but I don’t know how because he doesn’t appear to do anything all day.”

Local estate agent Matthew Limb confirmed that the property had been sold but was unable to reveal the name of the buyer.

However, when the Olive Press spoke to Larvin he denied his millionaire lifestyle.

“It is absolutely not true,” he said.

“I am not buying a mansion and I am not a millionaire although I wish I was.”


James Bryce

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  1. This is absolutely not true!!! I know Tony Larvin and he hardlyevet goes out he has NO car and is definately not residing in a 3 million pound mansion!!!

  2. jayne skinner and tony larvin are the perfect couple and bent bently hall will suit them.to the hundreds and hundreds of familys who have parted with there cash and struggled and not recieved a penny back ifeel sorry for you i know jayne skinner i dont know mr larvin other then everything on the internet seems a nice fellow lol i was dateing jayne but at the same time she was dateing tony nice girl all the money i spent on you going out any chance of a refund

  3. i got the hull daily mail today thu 18th aug on the back of the property guide was jayne skinner ,tony larvins partner ive seen them both down holderness road across from the supermarket only a couple of streets away from the bingo hall i think it might be lake view terrace it was definitely tony and jayne he might be living down there they disapeared behind a wall on to a drive after parking the car they went into an odd little house on the internet a lady said she parted with her money and gave it to tony just like the other he came across as a bit of a charmer but not recieved one penny back how well does this jayne and tony know each other this coulld go back years and years im not saying it is but the pair could of scammed millions out of hard working people

  4. Is this the same man


    TONY Larvin recalls the look on chairman Neil Hudgell’s face as he describes the moment he revealed how much he wanted to invest into Hull KR.

    “I had a figure in my head of what I wanted to invest, and when I told Neil the figure in mind he pretty much fell off his chair,” reveals the 48-year-old.

    “Once we damped him down with a wet cloth and brought him round, we started talking about how it would work.”

    That talking has been ongoing for close to three months now, and now, Larvin says the deal is all but done.

    He promises that the first installment of his cash – a figure of £5m – will soon be sat in the Robins bank account, and that more of its like is to follow.

    Long-standing debts will be cleared, and for the first time in many years, Rovers will be looking ahead, not over their shoulders.

    The ultimate aim? To become Super League champions, and as quickly as possible.

    “My aim is to get the club back to where it should be, like the glory days, winning titles and playing in cup finals,” Larvin told the Mail.

    “For me, I am not into big titles, and although I will effectively be the club owner, it is not about that at all.

    “I am happy to put my investment into the club and let the guys who know what they are doing keep running it as they have been. I am happy to be in the background.

    “Nothing will change, they will just have more facilities at hand, and we can expect better results for the club.

    “Neil’s not handing the club over to me, and it’s not about me owning the club.

    “It’s about me giving them the opportunity to give the club back to the fans and also take it back up to where it should be. I guess officially I will own it, but that’s neither here nor there.

    “It’s about where we want to take the club together.”

    Larvin has stirred the flames over his planned investment over the past few weeks by dipping into the world of Twitter.

    Using the hashtag ‘Robinsrevolution’, he has promised top-class facilities and a top-class Super League team.

  5. What a story – Tony Larvin to buy in HKR!

    Strange; £9,000,000 goes missing from cashback sales and administration Larvin does a quick stint in jail and they cannot pin a thing on himas the cashback was originally set up by Garry Leigh to have that many spin off companies and a myriad of barriers to get to the real owners.

    Larvin then announces he’s “skint” and has done nothing wrong. Next thing you know he’s putting in an offer of (A) £3M for a house and (B) £5M for HKR = total of £8M and still 1M left to play with. Am I the only one that doesn’t think this is suspicious???

    Claims on one website he was recruited into banking after 9/11: Bull$hit – we was actually working for Reclaim back then. Larvin never has and never will be employed by any bank or investor anywhere on the planet.

    Maybe his ar$e went when it came to handing over the money to HKR, or maybe he’s just spent it? Maybe he thought hmmmm the figures pretty much add up to the same amount that went from the Cashback scheme I ran….?

  6. Hi Gordon

    I think you have probably hit the nail on the head.

    Is this the v. same Gordon who went East Europe some years back?

    If so nice to hear from you again.


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