By Wendy Williams

THREE Costa de la Luz mayors have united to oppose a wind farm scheme a few kilometres offshore.

The trio from Conil, Barbate and Vejer insist that the scheme – which would create hundreds of jobs – would ruin the coastline.

They claim that the 1,000 megawatt project would also endanger their fishing stocks, if allowed to be built by Acciona and naval company Navantia.

It comes despite Acciona President, Carmen Becerril, pointing to similar projects in Germany which had created 1,200 jobs and provided a massive boost to the local economy.

But she admitted one of the main obstacles to the project – proposed seven years ago – was the social rejection.

An anti-wind farm protest group has been set up bringing together political groups, fishermen, businessmen, unions and locals to oppose the scheme.

Barbate mayor Rafael Quiros, explained: “We are not in favour of the windmills being put on our coast. We will defend that to the death.”


  1. Strong language, only action talks… but a wise decision. Look at the hi installation cost/kw produced, the fact that the electricity produced cannot be stored for later use (that’s why you see some NOT rotating), rather unsightly to some (but not the landowner who reaps a nice land-lease income), maintenance contracts are usually REQUIRED to be done by the manufacturers (from outside of Spain) etc. The REAL LONG TERM BOOST to the local economy and employment would occur if the windmill generators, installation and maintenance would be provided by a SPANISH FIRM in the area with installations done outside the Costa de la Luz.

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