AN ambitious plan to build an 18-hole golf course, two four-star hotels, 450 homes, 956 apartments and a commercial centre in Barbate has been given the green light.

The development, adjacent to the La Breña natural park, has been approved by the Junta after being delayed for several years.

The Següesal Golf Resort, which will create 516 jobs in an area with over 30 per cent unemployment, was approved in the name of ‘tourist interest’.

It comes as new figures show the golf market is bucking the trend of the economic crisis.

The sector accounted for half a million visitors to Andalucia last year.

Golfers collectively spent a staggering 687 million euros, with Junta tourist boss Remedios Marte pointing out that they spend 91.23 euros a day, almost 31 euros above the average tourist.

Construction on the resort is expected to begin in 2012.

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  1. You need to keep up to speed on other threads Patricia. in any event, criticising golf courses is perfectly logical. The majority are unsustainable and under-used. The Spanish think that golf will save them, when instead they should be utilising the unspoilt aspect of the Costa de la Luz. Do you want the Costa de la Luz to look like the Costa del Sol?

    Perhaps you should get back to your expert subject, Maurice Boland. lol.

  2. I do not agree with Fred on a lot of points but he is spot on with this as the Costa de la Luz should be developed as a UNIQUE CULTURAL NATURAL UNSPOILT EXPERIENCE OF ANDALUCIA, SPAIN (Like Pembrokeshire is to UK) rather than just duplicate an already oversupplied market. The real reason a golf course is chosen is to lubricate the PLANNING OF MASS DWELLINGS.
    You can drive up the beautiful unspoilt coast until Sancti Pectri where, in my view, it has been ruined with GOLF COURSES and HOTELS and BEACHSIDE METROPOLOS. Ask yourself, would you like the Landsend, or Lizard Point in Cornwall (where there is a spectacular Golf Course) spoiled with urbanisation? It’s a No Brainer!

  3. ……. close to Barbate is the Montenmedio Golf Club, probably one of the most beautiful Golf Courses in all of Spain.

    Little Problemito >>>> it is as good as bankrupt, so building another one just around the corner seems a bit on the Spanish Tio calculation side and not much to do with trying to help Andalusia’s economy.

  4. Exactly…smells of greed and denial. Its the same formmula they want in Medina and tried everywhere else from Arcos to Roonda…hardly innovative. when they have some of Europe’s only remaining unspoilt coastline. Come on Greenpeace where are you when you are needed?

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