POLICE in Mijas have launched a crackdown on fake no-parking signs after 15 were found on garage doors in the area.

Residents must pay a fee for the no-parking designation but had avoided doing so by using the bogus signs.

The police action follows a series of complaints about the difficulties of parking in the area.

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  1. A garage door is made so you can go in and out of your garage. Why pay a fee to make that clear to asocial idiots who block your access to your garage? These idiots can even complain with the police and then the utterly stupid moronic policeforce follow up on that? Illegal signs. On your own house… Unless you give the monkeys a fee.

  2. Anon. Not all of what seem to be garage doors lead into garages. Many houses round where I live were built with garages but the “garage” is transformed into an apartment and the family move down into it in the summer. Being at the bottom of the house it is cooler.

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