AN enterprising Briton has found a novel escape from his timeshare nightmare after being threatened with legal action.

Michael Grant, 64, attempted to give back his three-bedroom apartment in Tenerife for free to Club la Costa after failing to agree a sale.

But after the firm threatened to sue Grant if he didn’t pay his 1,000 euro ‘maintenance fees’, he resolved to travel to Tenerife one last time.

While there, he saw a family being shown around the villa by a salesman on a classic ‘free holiday’ trip.

Later that day, Grant approached them and offered to sell his share for 1,000 euros, instead of the 10,000 euros they had been quoted.

They agreed on the spot – problem solved, with nothing the company could apparently do.

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  1. Good for Him!!! About time these time share salesman and companies got sorted out. We were ripped off years ago for £4.000 pounds by a “Holiday Club” We have learnt but the hard way! Brainwashed for hours!!! ended up signing and paying out, can`t believe we were so gullible. Beware don`t be fooled like we were!!

  2. These companies aren’t scamming anyone, let’s just be clear. They are however guilty of selling holiday products way above what they are worth and being a little evasive about how much it will cost you per year after that. Some offer good products. Some are still living in the 80s and 90s in the way they sell and the product they offer.

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