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Fight the military on the Rock

GIBRALTAR’S army base is the latest to come under fire from anti-military campaigners.

The Andalucian campaign group Plataforma Andaluza Contra las Bases has organised a protest against the base on November 13.

The group – made up of over 20 non-governmental organisations including Ecologistas en Accion – is opposed to the military presence in southern Spain.

It argues the money put aside for the military would be better spent on hospitals and schools.

Already 100 people gathered at the American military base at Moron de la Frontera last Sunday.

It is the 26th protest against the base. Another march has been scheduled at Rota air and naval station on November 6.

Wendy Williams

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  1. They are probably descendants of the Moorish despots whom wanted to .to rule Europe and would like to have England and Spain to allow them to allow them entrance again to Iberia. No way Jose.

  2. Hector,
    reversing the truth – a Spanish pastime.

    Ask the Dutch what they thought of having the Spanish Catholic fanatics in their country. We can’t ask the Inca or Aztec as you exterminated so many of them. Any indigenous people caught trying to learn to read and write were blinded and had their hands cut off. This practice still continued into the 1950s, in Bolivia, Chile and Peru.

    Or perhaps you would like to re-introduce the non-Arab Inquisition to Europe again – was’nt it a great Catholic act – the extermination of the Cathars (real Christians)on both sides of the French/Spanish border!

  3. Gibraltar is not a part of Andalucia or Spain so I guess the protesters won before they started.
    I’m not sure how Hectors comments attracted your ire Stuart.

  4. Boulder – what’s to understand?

    The Spanish have proved over and over again that they are with a few noble exceptions totally unable to turn and confront their brutal past.

    They stupidly cling to the falsity that they are Latins – that the Catholic church is a wonderful organization that has only ever brought peace and tranquility to the world.

    Al-Andaluz was the most prosperous, educated country in Europe. The Arab/Jewish universities were the first in the western world. The system of agriculture was also the most advanced and all this was destroyed by mindless Aryan (Goth/Visigoth/Swabian) savages.

    The Cordoba concord is something that the world needs today – for all those who don’t know – in Cordoba, Muslims/Jews and Christians made a vow never to kill each other again because of different belief systems and then came the Germanic Christian savages.

    I wonder if Hector is descended from the intelligent Semites or the Aryan untermenschen.

  5. Marcelo,
    whenever Spanish like you come onto this forum you make complete fools of yourselves.

    You Spanish exterminated more human beings in Central and South America than Stalin and Hitler.

    You simply don’t have the courage to admit anything negative about Spain or it’s past.

    You are insanely jealous of the Semite civilization that flourished in the Iberian peninsular. Take the fat little archbishop of Granada who stated that Islam was terrible for Spain a total stupid lie and of course the opposite is true.

    Now like everything else you Spanish touch, you have destroyed your economy with blind greed and stupidity and now you want us mugs in northern Europe and Scandinavia to bail you out.

    You have been given more money by the EU than any other country and most of this has been grafted away in corruption and stupid egotistical projects.

    In my local bar I used to listen to the fat self satisfied comments from a group of bank managers – Cajasur/CajaGranada and BBVA laugh about the economic situation in Spain and say “it does’nt matter what we do the EU will always bail us out”.

    When all the foreigners leave, as so many Spanish like to blame us for all the problems they have (classically Spanish)when we send back all the Spanish working in northern Europe and you return to the Peseta (the Spanish elite know that will destroy Spain forever)you will be a happy Spanish bunny – I don’t think.

    Unlike you I live in the real world, know and accept all the harm done by the British Empire – all empires are evil but cynical no – just a realist who realizes that nothing will change in southern Europe that is’nt forced on you, starvation makes a good teacher.

  6. “Plataforma Andaluza Contra las Bases” are about 50 years too late! As a former 1-3000ths part of the Gibraltar Garrison in the 1960s., I can assure them that apart from a few RAF, RN, and a mere handful Army squaddies, the once formidable Rock Garrison has been the victim of the UK’s slide in world power and recent financial constraints.

    So, the brave lads of La Plataforma Andaluza Contra las Bases
    (Catchy title that), always presuming they get across the border with the vehicle queue stretching back to the Oil Terminal at Campamento / San Roque ( and that’s on a Good Day) will find precious little for them to protest about. A bit a non-starter, lads! :-)

  7. Stuart.. To say that “all empires are evil” is merely to say that all government is evil, because empires are government over territory. And humans need government of course. Government may sometimes be cynical, but so are humans. I think you need to be more specific.

    For my part, I am convinced the British Empire was simply the best of all empires by miles. The American philosopher Santayana said in the 1920’s: “Never has the world had such a sweet, just and boyish master.” How very true.

  8. John,
    unfortunately many Brits have the same inability to face their past as the Spanish and you are one of them, unless you are just taking the michael, which is possible.

    More likely is it that you are a brainwashed Daily Mail reader – unfortunately there are so many in Spain and France.

    One of the last hurrahs for the disintegrating British Empire was the ruthless murder of so many Kenyans – British soldiers collecting pensions today when they should have been executed for war crimes – surrounding villages and using flamethrowers to burn alive all the inhabitants.

    Torture and sexually brutalising prisoners in the camps they built and deliberately introducing disease which resulted in over 80,000 deaths. One ex-officer in his 80’s and living in London was interviewed and was ‘proud’ of what he had ‘acheived’.

    The Empire, like all empires is good for the elite – the stupid serfs who die for these empires get to be buried in foreign graves.

    The widows of the SS got pensions 5 x that of the British war widows – die for your country and your wife and children get kicked out of army accomodation after 6 months. In France veterans always get preference for jobs and you may have noticed on the Metro – seat reserved for veterans – never seen anything like that in the UK have you?

    After the completely unneccessary Falklands war the whole country stumped up for a fund to help veterans and what did the arrogant wife of Colonel Jones demand – £1M “because my sons need to go to Public school and university – she almost got away with this – the British Empire was a nasty theiving/killing machine just like all the rest – it’s just that the Spanish hold the world record for mass slaughter mor than any other.

  9. Stuart Crawford you have no authority to make any claims because they are not worthy of anything but a contradiction. First of all you began making an attack on the Spaniards and you do not even know what the heck are you talking about period. I have Sephardim roots thru my great and grandmothers. Are you going to teach me anything about the inquisition? I recomend you take a study of Sancha da Ayala and her descendants whom were part English. Also in regards to Brits. Do you happen to know that Hadrian Soldiers and by the way Hadrian was born in Spain never returned to Rome. Instead a bunch of people in England today calling themselves English are nothing but descendants of the Roman Barbarian Soldiers. They took English women and settle all over the coastlands of England by the way. Your information about the Arabs and Jews is also twisted since it was the Sephardim whom were actually the brains under the Caliphate. Less face it the history of Spain and England has been inter related and always as a matter of a fact has been the English the one whom has always boasted in regards to Spain. After all all the European countries were made rich by the Sephardim and Christian Gentiles. I regards to despotism you need to go back and look at the wars with Islam and what led to the reconquest of the Iberian lands. In regards to Spain squandering money. What they hell are you talking about? It was England and France , Holland and Italy the ones whom were starving during the middle ages and the Spaniards along with Portugal used people from all the countries to work and develop ways to bring to Europe even the Potatoes and much of the crops you enjoy today. Please stop the hog wash you learn from our black legend against Spain because of the Edit of Expulsion that half English and Spanish half Jewish King Ferdinand wrote to send the Sephardim out of Spain even that not all left and some of those you are calling all types of names and insults today are pure descendants of Spanish Jews but converted to Catholic Church. I suggest you go back and learn again before you run your mouth with non sense lies.

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