EXCLUSIVE By Wendy Williams

A BRITISH expat with a track record for conning people on the Costa del Sol is up to his old tricks.

Disgraced gardener Alwyn Funke has been denounced again for allegedly defrauding an expat out of hundreds of euros after he was hired to build a new garage in her garden.

Nevin Mirel Erenyol, 59, a Swiss/Turkish expat who has lived in Guadalmina for over 20 years, insists Funke disappeared without finishing the job after being paid 750 euros.

“He planted four posts in concrete but that was it,” she explained.

“He took my money as a deposit and for the materials but saw that as an opportunity to disappear.

“He didn’t even pay the workers.

“I called him asking for my money back but he just gave me a million excuses including that he was waiting for a bank transfer from England but the bottom line is he spent the money I gave him but didn’t finish the job.

“He is a nuisance to society who needs to be locked up.”

This is not the first time the Olive Press has reported on Funke.

In May, half a dozen victims told us how they had lost out to the gardener, whose previous business The Flower House Group was struck off after racking up debts of nearly two million euros.

Last issue we had a letter from reader Barry Pennington-Stone of Nueva Andalucia also denouncing him for not paying bills.

When the Olive Press tried to contact Funke he was unavailable for comment.

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