25 Dec, 2011 @ 10:57
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Please smoke quietly in Malaga

A NEW campaign is urging smokers to make less noise when enjoying a ciggie on Malaga’s streets.

The City Hall hopes to raise awareness of the disturbance suffered by people who live near bars and restaurants when smokers pop outside for a quick fag – and enjoy a loud chat with their friends at the same time.

Posters saying ‘If you smoke, do it quietly’ – which can be downloaded from the City Hall website – will be displayed outside participating establishments.

Smoking in enclosed spaces has been banned since January this year in Spain, pushing hundreds of tobacco fans out onto the streets to smoke while they’re enjoying an evening out.

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. Don’t smoke, don’t talk, don’t drink, don’t laugh, don’t make babies, Remember the State is looking after your interests, thank the State, all hail to the State, the State is good the State is kind, can’t write any more the State just shut me down.

  2. Peter,
    you appear to have a deep seated problem and being a nicotine junkie is just a part of it.

    Less babies being born – a very, very good idea. Obviously you are unaware that Putin of Russia is concerned that not enough babies are being born and with the help of the regressive Russian Orthodox church is closing down abortion clinics – the Russian population numbers 300 million. Same goes for the Roman mafia and the Wahabi in Saudi Arabia – all state organizations – so which States exactly are you referring to.

  3. Sorry Stuart, I was unsure about whether you thought that the fact that the Russian poplation was 300 million was a good thing or a bad thing. This might depaend on how you feel about Russians. Of course, if you do not like people any number of people would obviously be a problem for you, in Russia or anywhere else. I hope your people, wherever they may be, are capable of surviving without reproducing themselves, and would love to know how you think they are going to do this in a demographically sustainable way.

  4. JAS,
    you are unsure of nothing but plainly incapable of declaring your vested interest in your irrational post.

    The consumer society – who could ever have thought such an insane and unsustainable monster could ever have come into existence.

    The facts – a big percentage of occupations in our consumer society are only parasitical and overpaid, eliminate them and the truth is that we are grossly over populated.

    The only country that faced upto this are surprisingly the Chinese Red Fascists – it’s the only thing they have done that can wholeheartedly be applauded. By their own reckoni ng there would be 400 million more Chinese if they had’nt adopted the one child system.

    Those who control Russia today only have their self interest in mind selling off Russia’s huge natural resources. Imagine a Russia with only say 40/50 million and keeping all those resources for future Russian generations – a bit of a problem for Europe that.

    Take Bangladesh – 1900, population 7 million and today – 200 million and rising. Virtually all their land is just above sea level – what will become of these 200 million when it’s all just sea – oh let me guess – God will provide.

    If the world’s population was in total just 1 billion with today’s technology what a wonderful life for all humans and other species too.

  5. People are obviously or deliberately missing the point, yes I admit I do have a very deep seated problem, the erosion of liberty in every shape and form. Perhaps some people on here are quite happy to see smoking banned or drinking but I wonder how you will feel when something you like is banned or through your rose tinted spectacles do you never see that happening.

  6. Peter,if anyone is missing the point, it’s you mate. Check out what started this debate. The renowned selfishness of smokers is the subject. What about the freedom of people to have peace and quiet ? The freedom of air without poison ? The freedom to enjoy food, unpolluted by the junkies at the next table ? The freedom from cancer-inducing secondary smoking ? The freedom of childrens health from their parents smoking in cars and houses ? States/Governments are supposed to govern, that’s why we appoint them by democratic process.Despite the myth that we are “ruled by Brussels” Europe is the best democracy available. This is NOT China or North Korea, where you would never have the chance to complain. True freedom is only enjoyed when our actions don’t harm others. (Including animals)

  7. The last wheezing rebel and the erosion of his smelly liberties in every shape and form …… I see an important book there, sort of 1984 by Orwell ……

  8. I agree total rubbish, big brother is behind all this anti smoking propaganda, please don’t believe all you read in the papers, if you hate smokers drinkers and noise, it is very simple. Stay home

  9. Remember that smoking has not been banned; it has just been stopped in public places, so it’s hardly Orwellian lol. I am sure that you are pleased with the latest health figures that show hospital admissions for acute myocardial infarction have dropped by 10% and for asthma attacks in children by 15%.

    Are you in agreement that such figures are good, Mary? Be curious to hear if you agree or disagree, even if the figures have a large margin of error.

  10. Mary, of course there is a conspiracy against “smoking at will” going on (or was it “fire at will”, confused these days) Well anyway everybody knows that aliens cloned to look like humans are mixing with our societies worldwide in order to stop us from having fun.

    I for one believe that Man-Fred is a leader of this invading force, look at his secret coded messages like “lol” ?? or maybe I am exaggerating and lol is Chinese for “Loll ovel Beethoven” …….. ahh a Chinese Secret Agent ManFred working on a plot to conquer the tobacco market

    smoke on mary & stefanjo, hope you have kids while you at it …. nothing beats a good smoke after the deed

    Have a good Ano Nuevo

  11. Smoking in bed and smoking whilst eating – yuk! Anyway, who said anything about hating smokers? Some of my best friends are smokers. This is about smoking in public places, please distinguish the issue correctly, or continue to look foolish lol.

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